As a fashion illustrator, I am inspired by Czech traditional lifestyle and its deep aesthetic connection with clothing and interiors. TRADICE launched in Spring 2015, originally as a made to measure tailoring concept, which remains the foundation of our company. Given this core expertise in custom making each garment, we believe we know how to compliment a silhouette and have taken that concept through to our casual ready to wear collection. Our portfolio has recently expanded to include children’s wear as well as textiles for the home. Tradice follows the story of Czech traditional life, craftsmanship and design. We hope to pass down this heritage through generations to come with detailing from local craftsmen, combined with contemporary design, the best materials and quality of production. As a Mother of three children, I believe that every part of our life is a message we pass on to the next generation. TRADICE, the way we mean it , is to honour traditions through design and manufacture, evoking nostalgic, warm emotions, reminding us of our roots. And at the same time we hope to preserve in everyday life some of the unique and characteristic artistry of our region. That is why TRADICE.


The clothes from our collections inspired by the folklore regions of Podluží and Hanácké Slovak. We make to measure from beautiful qualities materials such as velvet, cotton, linen and silk. We can adjust each cut to your preference or create a completely original design. Whether you want your clothes to be based on the traditions of a different folk region than what we have already been represented in the collections, or to find the most delicate cut for your silhouette. For extraordinary occasions we dress brides and grooms, bridesmaids or folk artists.

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